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In Harrogate North Yorkshire

From age 11 



Fancy the ultimate sniper experience?  Our skilled instructors have backgrounds from field  Police/Combat pistol trained & they will show you how to progress through the challenging targets & finish with a ‘bang!’


You will be given your very own rifle and an unlimited amount of shots throughout your session, the instructors will show you how to safely handle and fire the rifle and give you tips on how to improve your shots giving you the skills needed to really hone in on your target! 


The air rifle target range is littered with loads of different targets such as spinning targets, knock down targets and even some EXPLODING targets!! ranging from 5m to 20m away so no matter what you will be knocking down targets left right and centre! 


Once each child has had a chance to get used to the rifles and are fully to grips with the basics they will then start some games head to head and team games to really test themselves with. 


This isn’t your average air rifle range shooting at tin cans and paper targets this is the ultimate must try air rifle experience, set in a beautiful conifer woodland in the heart of Harrogate North Yorkshire!


Fancy giving it a shot?

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