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Camp Fire


Bear Gryls who? Come and join us in our woodland with fun and informative taster sessions. Build a shelter, light a fire, learn some camp fire cookery, track, trap, forage and utilise resources around you to help you survive!! Not forgetting the toasted marshmallows before you go!  


Age from 8.


For the really keen, we are able to offer the opportunity, for those that would love to take time out, a chance to kick back, put the phone down and spend a night or two under the stars in a hammock, or in your hand built shelter, (or a little tent😏) with a camp fire to warm you, and the sounds, smells and sights of nature washing over you as you go back to basics and just be! You could do a little nature watching, barefoot walking, paddle in the river (weather permitting), have a go at some simple crafts, try your hand at campfire cookery basics, or just simply do nothing at all!

Suitable for family or single/small adult groups..

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