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In Harrogate North Yorkshire 


From aged 5.


Two teams, safety briefing done, weapons lock n load, scenario explained!  Game on! Fast and furious, loads of fun and laughter guaranteed! Young or old,(why should the kids have all the fun!) Played under the watchful eye of our referee, so no cheating, in our enclosed purpose built nerf battle arena! Multiple games played, non stop action from start to finish! 


We don’t just hand out some guns blow a whistle and off you go! Oh no! Our marshals will help motivate and encourage each player to get the very best out of their experience and will be offering constant tactics to get the players moving and thinking like a team! 


We have a dedicated built nerf war area set in our beautiful conifer woodland in the heart of Harrogate that’s filled with barricades and towers! We also have a range of different games to play including capture the flag, bomb drop, target destroy and many more! You can expect to play up to 5-7 different games depending on which games we play on the day. 



We are also fully mobile so we can come to your indoor venue You provide the venue we will provide the fun! No we don’t just turn up with some nerf guns we have a specially built mobile nerf arena that we can set up virtually anywhere it’s fully modular too so that means that no two setups have ever been the same

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